Icarus Tandem
Icarus Tandem

Icarus Tandem

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The Icarus Elliptical Tandem canopy is a totally Zero-P, truly elliptical canopy (leading edge and trailing edge). The only straight cell is the centre cell. The cells vary in width to control cell deformation over the span of the canopy. There are no brake settings and the canopy opens on full drive. It is available in 3 standard control line configurations, providing performance and ease of use trade-offs (explained below). It comes with either Spectra, Vectran or Dacron fully cascaded lines. As with all our canopies, it is computer cut and can be ordered in any size - standard sizes are 330, 365 and 400sq ft. The 365 with Vectran line and 6 & 2 control line set up has become the standard, and is often available off the shelf.

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