UNO.618 Race

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When you wear it, your first impression is a really tight suit, but very comfortable.

Built with high quality fabrics such as Diamant elastic, Cordura and Orion Speed.

Male and female models are slightly different to ensure a proper fit.

The Wind Repellent elastic parts are interconnected and the Suit cut allows maximum freedom of movement of shoulders, knees and elbows without sacrifying a really thight fit.



ORION SPEED:    59% PA - 41% PU     Wind Repellent - Light Weight

CORDURA 180:    100% PA     Breathable - Light Weight

CORDURA 500:    100% PA     Not Breathable - Medium Weight

DIAMANT ELASTIC:    45%PES - 38%PA - 3%EA - 14%PU     Wind Repellent - Breathable - 4way Stretch - Light Weight

NET:    100% PA     Breathable - Light Weight

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Suit Features
AAD display window, Backfly inlets, Arm cutaway system, BASE Shoulder, Leg cutaway system, Leg pad handle, Lega cutaway system, Long version, Rax RSL, RCF window, second release handle, Sport, Static line setup, Student leg pads, Tail pocket


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