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After one year of testing and continous development, we proudly present the new Shark 2 performance wingsuit! 

The Shark 2 has a new cut, surface characteristics, shape and materials. The shape, the angles of the armwings and the cell profiles resulted a very fast and agile suit. While developing the armwing profiles, we aimed for the easy control and high speed, also putting the maximum effort to the easy deployment and high performance. 

The leading edge is applied with foam, the backside has elastic parts for the easy reach and stretches the armwing for the optimal aerodynamics. Because of the new air inlet characteristics and easy armwing inflation, the suit has a really fast start. The effort put in the precise line cutting resulted improved aerodynamics.

The legwing pressure is kept on the maximum by an air valve system, otherwise the armwings don't contain these in reason to have an easier deflation during deployment. The inner parts and the cells of the suit are made of ripstop nylon material, therefor the suit's weight got significantly lighter. The suit has a modern shoulder zip, which makes the chest-stripe able to be hidden - we advice this only for B.A.S.E. 

Main features

- Smooth leading edge with elastic parts
- Massive plastic strengthened air inlets for fast start
- Cleared line cuts, digitally developed armwing profile
- Lightweight ripstop nylon inner materials
- Modern, fast shoulder zipper
- Agile, easy to control
- Comfortable, stabile flight
- Easy and stabile deployment
- Hidden chest stripe option
- Reinforced trailing edge 

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