F-zero Jumpsuit

F-zero Jumpsuit

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Completing the “F Series” suits, the F-Zero has been designed with wind tunnels in mind. Made of the same Aërian windproof fabric used on the F3 freefly suit, it provides optimal fit and comfort, with a slightly stretchy material. Cuffs and ankles are closed with comfortably tight Lycra, and collar is also made of stitches-free double layered Lycra.

Simple but with a trendy design, the F-Zero is the perfect first personal tunnel suit.


Standard sizes

They're surely not covering 100% of the people, but there are very good chances that you will find a standard size fitting you well! This has clear advantages, for us as manufacturers, for our dealers, and for jumpers.
As manufacturer, we can organize the production better, allowing more favorable prices.
A dealer can stock standard sizes, with faster reassorting time, to serve better his own customers.
Jumpers can take advantage of a good quality product, at a reasonable price, with a short delivery time. And if lucky enough, a suit fitting may be at the DZ shop!

We have designed the new models with the standard sizes in mind, and we have set 7 sizes for men, and 7 for women (yes, we noticed that man and women are different). This will give great flexibility and more chances to find a standard size to fit a person.

So, what should you do to choose the standard size that would fit? Well, first of all look at the measurements chart! This is important as you should pick the size by the measurements, not by its name... From the measurement chart you will easily find if a size fits you tight or loose, and decide which is best.


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