Barracuda 2
Barracuda 2
Barracuda 2
Barracuda 2
Barracuda 2
Barracuda 2
Barracuda 2

Barracuda 2

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The Barracuda 2 is a great all purpose suit. This intermediate surfaced suit gives You freedom of flight. Even if it's not a beginner suit, yet easy to fly. Recommended about 40 wingsuit jumps before try, but You will be surprised when you feel just more time and glide with no difficulty in usage. Turning is effective to follow your buddy or surfuing the clouds and stable on back like any other Barracuda. Thanks for the grips You are able to tense the wings, and get some extra lift. Size of the grips designed to reach your pilotchute easily. Big Air inlets makes the start fast, and the „easy to pull” cutted wingshape gives 100% percent competency for BASE jumps. Perfect choice for camerawork and challanging in flocks. The Barracuda 2 still in the intermediate category so if You want to rock in performance competition, this is your suit as well. 

We made some techincal developements to get the most awesome gear. As You can see the halfed cells, reinforcements, escape slaves. All suit goes with backfly inlets and zip-up cords. Naturally foams in the bootie and the leading edge. 

What You can not see: the computerised design what makes the whole suit to a unit. It become to a smooth flying machine till the smallest details. Cells and inside walls made from ripstop nylon, so the suit became to light, but strong construction. The new range of Barracudas are totally modern high-tech developements. Cutting, aerodynamical benefits, and look pointing to the future. 

Factory defaults 

- Backfly inlets 
- Zip-Up cords 
- BASE sole 
- Foamfilled Bootie 
Extra options 

- Arm cutaway system 
- Leg cutaway system 
- Extra pocket 
- Tail pocket 

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